Japan's National Astronomical Observatory (NAO) ordered massive, high-performance vacuum equipment for the laser interferometer of the observatory's gravitational wave detector. UFT played a key part in preparing this equipment for NAO's five-year TAMA 300 project to monitor distortion in gravitational waves propelled at light speed through space by massive stellar explosions and other phenomena. The equipment we finished consisted of an L-shaped vacuum duct system 400 mm in diameter extending 300m in either direction and eight vacuum chambers equipped with gravitational wave interferometers. By applying electrochemical buffing technology, we met the designers' needs for equipment that produces an ultra-high intensity vacuum of 10-7 Pa in a non-baking system.

UFT prepared vacuum systems to support the research efforts of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). Researchers establishing national industrial standards for vacuum pressure will derive standard pressure values by examining the precise pressure values reported by the equipment as it detects the minute flow of gases. Consisting of six vacuum chambers ranging in capacity from 0.1L to 160L, the equipment will be used to study traceability under vacuum pressure. Finishing the chambers by electrochemical buffing lowers their outgassing profiles and reduces their gas adsorption, which is a great advantage in the research.
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