Electrochemical buffing (ECB) is our proprietary dual-action surface finishing technology that combines the power of electrolytic metal dissolution and mechanical polishing with an abrasive.
ECB is a surface processing method that efficiently finishes metal surfaces to mirror-brilliance. The electrolytic reaction forms a stable film conforming to the surface of the processing subject (the anode). We target the micro-projections of the film for removal by polishing using an abrasive powder and then focusing the electrolytic reaction there.
Advantages of ECB
Makes surfaces exceptionally flat and smooth
@ An outstanding, mirror-smooth submicron finish is guaranteed by combining the dual power of the electrolytic reaction and polishing with an abrasive powder.

2. Offers excellent homogeneity
@ Homogeneity of the metallic foundation is achieved by removing layers of impurities and minute defects. ECB eliminates adsorbed gases and interposed nonmetallic substances on the surface, as well as rolling cracks and blow holes.

3. Ensures corrosion resistance
@ Corrosion resistance is improved because it is easy to form uniform, stable films on the polished surfaces. Similarly, ECB also keeps metal ion elution to an absolute minimum.

Surfaces are non-adhering and extremely clean
@ Adhesiveness of the subject's contents to its finished surfaces diminishes remarkably due to the outstanding flatness and smoothness of the polished surfaces. Any adhering substances can be purged easily, and cleaning is effortless.

5. Polishing benefits subjects of many forms
@ We finish surfaces that are planar, concave, convex, and freeform curves. Surfaces of all forms and sizes can be processed, without exception.

6. Polishing benefits all types of materials
@ All conductive metals can be processed, including common steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, and aluminum.

Electrochemical Buffing
Immersion Electropolishing
Flat and smooth surfaces
Pre-treatment of base surface
Required (Depends on coarseness of base surface)
Polished surface
Mirror-smooth surface
Polishing rate
Peel resistance
Distortion from finishing
Corrosion resistance
|Excellent |Good |Average
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